joshua-adam-dover-miracle-storyJoshua’s Heart Desire
Joshua believes his life struggles are not in vain. He believes by him sharing his life journey in a very honest, open, vulnerable way he can touch the life of individuals who are going through a tough time. Joshua’s heart’s desire is that others may be inspired, have hope, and know that no matter what they go through God can give them the strength to overcome the greatest obstacles and challenges of life.

Presentation Topics
Joshua gives presentations on a variety of topics:

  • Joshua’s motorcycle crash, hospitalization, and recovery. Joshua shares his amazing story of surviving the motorcycle crash, his horror during hospitalization, and his ongoing challenging physical rehabilitation. Joshua shares the many lessons he has learned during his rehabilitation process which is ongoing. Based upon the venue determines how much he shares about the spiritual side of his survival and recovery from the accident.
  • Joshua shares about his disdain for his father and his reuniting with his father. He talks about his childhood, his bad choices in handling his childhood experiences, and the amazing way he has a restored relationship with his father.
  • Joshua and his father Richard do a presentation together and there is an amazing dynamic that takes place when they interact. They share the good, bad, ugly, and how God used a tragedy to bring them together.
  • Joshua shares his story of serving Jesus, walking away from Jesus, and being restored to Jesus. It is his Prodigal Story.

Presentation Venues
Joshua adapts his presentations based upon where he is speaking. In school assemblies he may not be able to give full Gospel presentations whereas in churches he can share about having a relationship with Christ.

  • Churches, Retreats, Youth Groups
  • School Assemblies
  • School Assembly during school time and an evening presentation where Joshua shares the rest of the story-the spiritual side of his recovery and the Gospel.
  • Hospitals (Joshua shares the good, bad, and ugly about his medical care with hospital staff to help them be more aware of what patients go through and how to improve care.)
  • VA Organizations (Joshua shares the good, bad, and ugly experiences he has had with the VA system. The goal is to let other veterans know they are not alone and with the goal to somehow improve VA Medical Care..)

To obtain more information on Joshua’s presentations, contact Richard Dover at 501-621-4642 or

Joshua’s Testimony
Listen to Podcasts of Joshua’s life journey and read his blog posts.