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The following sermons are past messages by Pastor Rich.
The sermon notes may be used by others.

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Pastor Richard D'Andrea Dover

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(Overcoming Anger)

A Passion for Fullness
( A Passion for God)

Passion for World
A Passion for the World
(A passion for the unsaved)

Confess, Hope, Repentance
(The way to victory)

Exercising Spiritual Muscles

Glimpses of Hope in the Furnace of Affliction
(The Refiner's Fire)

God's Roses
God's Beautiful Roses
(Honoring women)

Handling Troubles-Apostle Paul our Example

Holiness and Freedom
(Holiness brings freedom)

Hospital or Refugee Camp
(Condition of the Church)

Intimacy with Jesus

Love Languages
(How we interpret love)

LORD and Savior
(Jesus must be both)

(Mindsets and bondage)

Prisoners of Hope

Single, But Married
Single, But Married To Christ
(Living Single)

Scapel of God
The Great Physician, The Best Surgeon
(God doing surgery on us)

The Will of Man

Those Who Overcome
(God's Promises)

Trials and Change

Sermons By Others
Sermons on Suffering

Spiritual Nuggets
We have several Spiritual Nuggets we have written on a variety of topics.
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