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You have entered In His Steps.  Your life can be changed forever.
May you be closer to Jesus after exploring this web site.

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Welcome to In His Steps Ministries

Our Mission
We are committed to the goal of helping others to WALK IN CHRIST. To know Him intimately and personally. And to enjoy our relationship with Him. To GROW IN CHRIST.


Spiritual Seekers
Those who have questions about God, Jesus, or Christianity. We have many resources to help those who are on a spiritual journey:

|The Gospel of Jesus Christ-Christianity |
| God's Grace | FAQ's on Christianity | Birth of Jesus | Crucifixion | Resurrection |
| Archaeological/Scientific Evidence | Other Religions | Helpful Web Sites |
| Helpful Books | Forum for Spiritual Seekers |
| Why does God allow Suffering?


Christian Section
Here is just some of the information available for Christians:

Abiding in Christ
This section provides information on developing an intimate relationship with Jesus, Fasting, and a Daily Prayer Guide.

God's Grace
Many people, including Christians have a false concept regarding grace. You will learn the difference between God's grace and 'cheap grace'.

Daily Devotions
We have a variety of daily devotions in this section. Each day there are new devotions, so you will want to save this page in your favorites.

We have several sermon notes by Pastor Richard, the founder of In His Steps Ministries.

Spiritual Nuggets
For over two years Pastor Richard shared biblical truths through his Spiritual Nuggets that he sent out via e-mail. All of these nuggets are available online.

Christian News
Read the latest news that affects Christians. The news is updated daily, so you will want to save this page in your favorites.

Stories/Poetry/ Jokes
For over three years we shared Inspirational Stories, Inspirational Poetry, and Clean Jokes via e-mail. You now can read all of them online.

Under our Spiritual Seekers section we have a tremendous amount of information regarding Christianity. Much of the information we provide will be of help for Christians to use to defend their faith.

Christian Blog Sites
The latest fad on the Internet is blogs. Through you can obtain your own blog web site at no cost whatsoever and no annoying ads, pop-ups, banners, etc.

With all the tragedies that have been occurring in the last few years, we have felt it is important to provide information on Suffering and Depression.

Read the testimony of Richard D'Andrea Dover, the founder of In His Steps Ministries. At one time he was atheist and a man controlled by anger and depression.

We provide a variety of links to Christian Web Sites and other resources.

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At we provide FREE Blog Sites for Christians. Yes, you can have your own web blog for FREE.

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