spiritual journey

What is a Spiritual Seeker?

A spiritual seeker is someone who is looking for truth. To be a seeker in the spiritual realm is to seriously consider-or reconsider-what God means to you.

You may say you are not a spiritual seeker. You are an atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or an unbeliever. That may be true. But guess what? You must have something in you that is seeking something or you would not be landing on this page. Just maybe there is a Higher Power taking you on a Spiritual Journey. So how about JUMPING IN and EXPLORING. Go on a Journey.

Not ready to explore the spiritual realm? Here are some things to think about. Maybe the success you’ve enjoyed in your life isn’t as satisfying as you thought it would be. Maybe the fun is starting to feel routine. Maybe things you used to deal with are starting to deal with you.  Maybe you just want your “good” life to be good at a deeper, more meaningful level. Whatever the case, if you’re trying to discover spiritual truth, you’re qualified to be called a “seeker”.

As a seeker, you’re open to the possibility that God might be real and able to make a difference in your life. This is true for sure, you’re looking for something more, and you’ve stopped pretending to have it all together. You know you don’t know-but you want to know.

We have information listed on this site that will help you with your spiritual journey. Many times those who are Spiritual Seekers have questions about the Holy Bible and its validity. Some wonder if it is just a book of myths.  Christianity is based upon the writings of Scripture. So if the Bible is just a book of myths, Christianity is just “another religion”. However if scripture is inspired by the God of this Universe, then the Bible is a Handbook for Life. Our articles on the Birth of JesusJesus’ Crucifixion, Resurrection, The Gospel of Jesus Christ will help those who are Spiritual Seekers that are wondering about The Holy Bible and the claims of Christianity.

Do you have questions about Christianity? We have a section called the FAQ’s on Christianity where we try to answer the most common questions people have about God and Christianity.

Christianity is the only religion that teaches you go to heaven by the grace of God alone, not by your good efforts. Your good efforts are like filthy rags to a Holy God. We encourage you to read about The Gospel and God’s Grace and to fully understand salvation by faith alone.