There is Hope for Those Who are Depressed

Some may ask why a Christian website has a page on Depression. It is because even Christians can experience depression and there is a false belief that committed Christians will never get depression. Or if you have depression, you should just pray more, have more faith, trust God more-only sinners or weak Christians get depressed. I guess these people forget about men of God like Job, King David, Jeremiah, and many more Bible characters who experienced depression at times in their life.

Other Christians believe depression is caused by demonic oppression or possession. We do not deny that their at times there may be demonic influences in regards to depression. However, too many Christians give the devil too much power. No where is scripture does it state that Job, King David, or Jeremiah were oppressed or possessed. There is not a demon behind every corner.

Another false concept is that depression or mental illnesses are only symptoms of spiritual problems. This also is a lie from the enemy of our souls. Yes, mental illness and depression can be a spiritual issue, but most of the time it is caused by chemical/hormonal imbalances in the body.

Depression and Medication
Counseling can be very effective in helping a person come to emotional health. However, there are times for medication which helps bring the chemical/hormonal levels to the proper level. Christians will take medication for diabetes, heart disease, headaches, migraines, arthritis, ulcers, etc. but if you suggest medication for depression, they suddenly think you do not have enough faith. What is silly is that many of the physical sicknesses mentioned can be caused by bitterness, unforgiveness, perfectionism, malice-which are spiritual, mental, and emotional issues. But guess what? If you have migraines, I would suggest you take medication until you work out the root cause of getting migraines. And the same for depression or mental illness-take medication until you work out the root causes.

In regards to taking medication for depression some Christians say “Just have more faith.” Faith helps, but for some they are going to have to get on medication until they have ‘more faith’. One final point about depression and medication. Don’t think that taking medication will remove all your problems, remove emotional pain, make life “wonderful”, bring total peace, give you false hope. The proper administration of medication will not do any of these things. What it does do is help bring balance and a proper perspective to life. You will still experience the ‘bumps in life’. It just removes The Edge.

Many times people experience depression because of misunderstanding about the concept of suffering. Be sure and check our article on suffering.

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