Resources for Christians

We have a variety of resources for Christians. Here is a short description of each resource:

Are You Truly Born Again?
Learn what are the Seven Indicators of True Salvation.

Abiding in Christ
One of the most important factors in our walk with Christ is to abide in Him.

Under our Spiritual Seekers section we have a tremendous amount of information regarding Christianity. Much of the information we provide will be of help for Christians to use to defend their faith.

Cheap Grace
Nothing about biblical grace is cheap.

Faith-Based Online Shopping
We highlight online vendors that offer faith-based products.

Fasting & Prayer
Seven Steps to Successful Fasting & Prayer

Grace and Good Works
If you are truly born again, works will follow your salvation.

God’s Grace
Many people, including Christians, have a false concept regarding grace. Learn what true grace is according the Bible.

Personal Revival
How to Experience and maintain Personal Revival.

Sermons, teachings, and radio interviews by Pastor Richard D. Dover

Creating Futures through Prayer

We have several sermons by Pastor Richard D. Dover, the founder of In His Steps Ministries.

Spiritual Nuggets
For over three years Pastor Richard D. Dover shared biblical truths through his Spiritual Nuggets that he sent out via e-mail. All of these nuggets are available online.

Stories/Poetry/ Jokes
For over three years we shared Inspirational Stories, Inspirational Poetry, and Clean Jokes via e-mail. You now can read all of them online.

Christians and non-Christians, all of mankind has questions on the topic of suffering, specifically, ‘How can a loving God allow suffering?’ There is no simple answer to this question, but there are some answers.

True Salvation
Seven Indicators of True Salvation