Spiritual Truths Found in the Word of God

From 2000-2003 Pastor Richard D. Dover sent out spiritual nugget emails to hundreds of subscribers. They nuggets expounded on Scripture and explored principles found in Scripture.

The following are links to these spiritual nuggets. (The links go to very old web site pages. Needless to say coding of websites has changed drastically. As time allows we will be updating these pages.)

Immature Christians-Part One, Introduction
Immature Christians-Part Two, Getting Off the Bottle
Immature Christians-Part Three, Get Off the Diapers
Immature Christians-Part Four, Get the Training Wheels Off
Immature Christians-Part Five, Being an Adult

Fire of God-Part One, Introduction
Fire of God-Part Two, Furnance of Consuming Fire-Fire of Judgment
Fire of God-Part Three, Refiners Fire
Fire of God-Part Four, The Silversmith
Fire of God-Part Five, How To Minister

Leading People to Jesus-Part One, Introduction
Leading People to Jesus-Part Two, Receiving Christ
Leading People to Jesus-Part Three, False Gospel
Leading People to Jesus-Part Four, True Conversions vs Numbers
Leading People to Jesus-Part Five, Success
Leading People to Jesus-Part Six, Summary

Giving Our Time-Part One, Introduction
Giving Our Time-Part Two, Scriptures
Giving Our Time-Part Three, Reasons/Excuses
Giving Our Time-Part Four, Not Qualified to Minister
Giving Our Time-Part Five, Summary

Financial Giving-Part One, Introduction
Financial Giving-Part Two, Statistics
Financial Giving-Part Three, Biblical Principle of Tithing and Offerings
Financial Giving-Part Four, Reasons Why People Do Not Give
Financial Giving-Part Five, Our Experience
Financial Giving-Part Six, Summary

Love Languages-Part One, Introduction
Love Languages-Part Two, The Five Love Languages
Love Languages-Part Three, The Five Love Languages and God
Love Languages-Part Four, Receiving God’s Love
Love Languages-Part Five, Receiving and Giving Love
Love Languages-Part Six, Personal Story
Love Languages-Part Seven, Summary

Mercy-Part One, Introduction
Mercy-Part Two, Definitions
Mercy-Part Three, Bible Verses
Mercy-Part Four, Biblical Principles
Mercy-Part Five, Application: Giving Mercy To Ourselves
Mercy-Part Six, Application: Giving Mercy To Others
Mercy-Part Seven, Mercy and Justice
Mercy-Part Eight, Examples of Mercy

Radical Individualism-Part One, Introduction
Radical Individualism-Part Two, The Good and The Bad
Radical Individualism-Part Three, Why Does It Happen?
Radical Individualism-Part Four, Radical Individualism in Ministries
Radical Individualism-Part Five, Unity-Introduction
Radical Individualism-Part Six, Unity Among Believers
Radical Individualism-Part Seven, My Story
Radical Individualism-Part Eight, Rest of the Story

Mary and Martha-Part One, Introduction
Mary and Martha-Part Two, The Differences
Mary and Martha-Part Three, Spiritual Segregation
Mary and Martha-Part Four, The Mary and Martha in Each of Us
Mary and Martha-Part Five, Revival

Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part One, Introduction
Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part Two, Scriptures
Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part Three, Why Do People Only Make Him Savior?
Jesus, LORD and Savior-Part Four, OK, I want Him to be my LORD and Savior

Learning From Our Disappointments-Part One: Disappointments, His Appointments
Learning From Our Disappointments-Part Two: Goals and Desires
Learning From Our Disappointments-Part Three: Disappointments Can Be Good
Learning From Our Disappointments-Part Three: Disappointments, My Experiences

The Grace of God-Part One,The Wondrous Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Two,God in the Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Three,Christ in the Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Four,The Holy Spirit in the Covenant
The Grace of God-Part Five,The Blood of the Covenant

Divorce and Remarriage-Part One, Introduction
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Two, Bible Verses on this topic
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Three, Hard Teaching
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Four, Importance of Marriage
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Five, Tough Marriages
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Six, God’s Mercy and Forgiveness
Divorce and Remarriage-Part Seven, My Story

Sharing the Gospel-Part One, What is the Gospel?
Sharing the Gospel-Part Two, Why Share the Gospel?
Sharing the Gospel-Part Three, How To Share the Gospel?
Sharing the Gospel-Part Four, Sharing the Gospel with Faith
Sharing the Gospel-Part Five, Sharing the Gospel with Faith-Continued
Sharing the Gospel-Part Six, Ministering to the Backslider-Part One
Sharing the Gospel-Part Seven, Ministering to the Backslider-Part Two
Sharing the Gospel-Part Eight, Do’s and Don’ts

Halloween and Christianity-Part One, History of Halloween
Halloween and Christianity-Part Two, History of Objects and Activities
Halloween and Christianity-Part Three, Halloween and the Bible
Halloween and Christianity-Part Four, Alternatives
Halloween and Christianity-Summary

I Am a Soldier In God’s Army

Is There Fruit?-Part One
Is There Fruit?-Part Two

Living A Disciplined Life-Part One
Living A Disciplined Life-Part Two
Living A Disciplined Life-Part Three

The Importance of Doctrine-Part One
The Importance of Doctrine-Part Two
The Importance of Doctrine-Part Three
The Importance of Doctrine-Part Four

Believing In and Trusting A Person-Part One
Believing In and Trusting A Person-Part TwoHow Big is Your God-Part One, Introduction

How Big is Your God-Part Two, Putting God in a Box
How Big is Your God-Part Three, Agree to Disagree
How Big is Your God-Part Four, Non Essentials
How Big is Your God-Part Five, Who Can Be Used By God?
How Big is Your God-Part Six, How Do You See Jesus?
How Big is Your God-Summary

A Christianity That Works-Part One
A Christianity That Works-Part Two
A Christianity That Works-Part Three
A Christianity That Works-Part Four
A Christianity That Works-Part Five
A Christianity That Works-Part Six
A Christianity That Works-Part Seven
A Christianity That Works-Part Eight
A Christianity That Works-Part Nine
A Christianity That Works-Part Ten

Sad Statistics
Sad Statistics and Some Answers-Part One
Sad Statistics-Part Two, Absolute Moral Truth
Sad Statistics-Part Two, Absolute Moral Truth-Addendum
Sad Statistics-Part Three, Tithing
Sad Statistics-Part Four, Commitment
Sad Statistics-Part Five, Secular vs. Spiritual
Sad Statistics-Part Six, Biblical Truth
Sad Statistics-Part Seven, Church Accessibility

The Cross-Part One, The Hatred of Satan
The Cross-Part Two, What God Did
The Cross-Part Three, What Christ Did
The Cross-Part Four, What the Blood of Jesus Did
The Cross-Part Five, The Cross and Us

God’s Forgiveness and Mercy

Forgiveness-Part One, Introduction
Forgiveness-Part Two, Option or Necessity
Forgiveness-Part Three, Choosing to Forgive
Forgiveness-Part Four, Facing Truth and Reality
Forgiveness-Part Five, Forgiveness Test
Forgiveness-Part Six, The Process of Forgiveness
Forgiveness-Part Seven, Forgiveness as a Lifestyle
Forgiveness-Part Eight, What Happens When We Don’t Forgive?

Gethsame-Part One
Gethsame-Part Two
Gethsame-Part Three

Bad News, Good News

Being Offended
Offending Others

BOLD AND COURAGEOUS-Part Two, How do you receive courage and boldness?

Cold or Hot

Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 1
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 2
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 3
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 4
Questioning Motives and Judging Others-Part 5

Book Reviews-Part One
Book Reviews-Part Two
Book Reviews-Part Three
Book Reviews-Part Four