In His Steps Ministries

In His Steps Ministries

Do you want to walk faithfully In His Steps?
Abiding in Christ is the answer.
Fasting can be a means to help in abiding in Christ.
Prayer, of course, helps tremendously with abiding in Christ.

In His Steps Ministries
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For over three years we sent out weekly e-mails with Inspirational Stories, Spiritual Nuggets, Clean Jokes, and Inspirational Poetry. We are no longer able to send out these e-mails, but we have links to the archives.

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Inspirational Stories
Most of the inspirational stories will have a Christian theme, but the stories are not just for Christians and the stories may or may not be written by Christians.

Here is what others say about our Inspirational Stories:

Your stories are often very touching and leave me in tears 99% of the time .

Some days, your message is the only uplifting thing I receive.

I am a High School student. Thanks for sending me inspiration during the times in my life I need it. When my faith is failing fast and I need and uplifting message. When I am doubting God and need to be reassured.

Well, I enjoy the stories,  a lot of them I read and delete.   But every so often I save one, read one aloud to my husband, or pass it on to friends.

I have been using your stories and others now for around 11 months and yes they are a true blessing.

I have a sister and she is in prison. She looks forward to receiving my mail and she talks to the other inmates about your stories. They truly do help keep up her self esteem and give her hope and faith in God.

I find your stories not only an inspiration to me but I also share them at work. I have heard many positive responses to them. They have been faxed to friends. Keep it up. I look forward to reading them. They are powerful.

I am only 15 and I love your stories, thank you

Thank you for sharing the stories. I've used many!
Gregg J.

I am a senior in High School, your stories are very heartwarming.

I appreciate the stories you send...some I have read before, and some new ones...they are very inspiring.
Pauline L.

We are a contemporary Christian radio station in Toowoomba, Queesnland, Australia. We share your stories on the radio. One of the most common comments is, "you make me cry with those stories".

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Spiritual Nuggets
These Spiritual Nuggets expound on Scripture,  the promises of God, or in some other way an insightful look at Scripture. We rarely discuss doctrine, instead we cover principles found in the bible. We cover subjects like: Forgiveness, Mercy, A Christianity That Works, Bad News, Good News, Judging Others, Forgiveness, Divorce and Remarriage, Book Reviews, and more.

Here is what others say about our Spiritual Nuggets:

Thanks for your thought-provoking ministry!! 
Myrna N.
It seems as if God shows me just what I need to hear when I need to hear it!
Randy W.
You send things that touch me and speak to me like no other. You are a blessing in my life and I thank you for what you do.
Patty R.
Many times a nugget will come along at JUST the right time. Saying JUST what I need to hear.
The nuggets on "Forgiveness" had a special impact for me since I am on a quest to learn how to be forgiving and non-judgmental. 
I dearly love all your writings. I look forward to it and share them with others.
Betty B.
Can I say....POO-YEOW! Right between the eyes! This is EXCELLENT, and EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you for not beating around the proverbial bush. I think this world has had enough sugar-coating, its time to hear it like it is!
Patty R.
Many times a nugget will come along at JUST the right time. Saying JUST what I need to hear.

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Clean Jokes
Some of the clean jokes will have a Christian theme, but the jokes are not just for Christians. The jokes are just for fun, so don't get offended. We are not intentionally 'picking' on any one group. We hope they will put a smile on your face. And even get you to think.

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Inspirational Poetry
Much of the poetry has a Christian theme. If not, the poetry is still inspiring.

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Devotional Section
Devotions by Spurgeon, Daily Blessings from Psalms, Proverbs, or Daily Bible Promises.

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