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Alpha is a ten week course that is a practical exploration of the Christian faith. Alpha is for:
Alpha LogoAnyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith.
    Adults of all ages are welcome.
Alpha LogoLearning and laughter.
    It is possible to learn about the Christian faith and to have fun at the same time.
Alpha LogoPeople meeting together.
    An opportunity to get to know others and to make new friends.
Alpha LogoHelping one another.
    The small group gives you a chance to discuss issues raised during the talks.
Alpha LogoAsk anything.
   Alpha is a place where no question is seen as too simple or too hostile.

In summary, Alpha is based on friendship, having a meal with others, some singing, a talk and small group discussion at a table.


What's involved?                 

The Alpha course consists of a series of talks looking at topics such as "Who is Jesus?" and "Why and how do I pray?".

There is a meal together at the beginning of each session which gives you an opportunity to get to know each other.

After each talk we divide into small groups for a time of discussion.

Listen, learn, discuss and discover.  And ask anything.  Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or too hostile.

Who is Alpha for?                

Alpha is for everyone, especially:

  • Those wanting to investigate Christianity
  • New Christians
  • Newcomers to the church
  • Those who want to brush up on the basics

What will it cost?                  

There is no charge for the Alpha course, although you may be asked to make a donation towards food.


The Alpha Course

Talks given on the course
Week I Who is Jesus?
Week 2 Why did Jesus die?
Week 3 How can I be sure of my faith'?
Week 4 Why and how should I read the Bible?
Week 5 Why and how should I pray?
Week 6 How does God guide us?
Week 7 How can I resist evil?
Week 8 Why and how should I tell others?
Week 9 Does God heal Today?
Week 10 What about the Church?
Alpha celebration supper party Christianity: Boring, Untrue and irrelevant?
Alpha Weekend What about the Holy Spirit? (3 talks); How can I make the most of the rest of my life?


Official North American Website
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Official Alpha Headquarters Website


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