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The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST
Salvation and Eternal Life

We offer a variety of ways for you to learn about The Gospel of Jesus Christ

If your internet access is slow and you do not care about seeing flashy images, then go to:
ABC's of Salvation-The Plan of Salvation

Graphical Presentations-Suggest DSL or Broadband connection speeds
DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE you are going to heaven?

| Forgiven | The Joy of Christmas Is Jesus | The Lord's Prayer |
| Psalm 23 | God is Light | A New Beginning |

Movie/slide presentations of Biblical Messages

Interview With God | Interview With Jesus | The Crucifixion |
Flash Presentation-Beautiful Pictures

If you are a person who learns more audibly than visually, here is a link to several audio presentations of the Gospel:
AudioTracts - Click Here


Facts on
| Birth of Jesus | Crucifixion | Resurrection |

| FAQ's on Christianity |
 | Other Religions |

| The GRACE of God |


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