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The Validity of the Bible and Christianity

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In various sections in this website we quote historians, authors of books, link to other websites, etc. Some skeptics will challenge some of what we share stating that a specific historian or writer may have some flaws. We do not deny this. There are no perfect people, perfect history books, etc. Each reader must weigh the evidence themselves.

In a court of law, there are people who are condemned to die based upon circumstantial evidence. There are at times witnesses who take the stand that have questionable lifestyles, but the jury chooses based upon other evidence, to believe the testimony of a witness. We understand that if we quote a historian, that the historian may not be perfect in their comments and observations, but the overall evidence will confirm many of their statements.

We strongly believe a serious Spiritual Seeker can logically believe in the Bible based upon all the evidence there is on this site, if they use the same principles that any juror would to determine the truth. Here is the keyare you searching for truth or loopholes. You can always find the loopholes.

Proof of the Birth of Jesus
The greatest argument against Christianity would be the fact that Jesus never lived. If the birth of Jesus did not occur, then of course, the Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus did not occur. And if there is no resurrection, then death has not been conquered. If death has not been conquered, then sin has not been conquered and we are all doomed. Without the birth of Jesus, Christianity is just another religion based upon legends and myths.
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Proof of the Crucifixion of Jesus
There are some who question the validity of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ was not murdered and then rose from the grave, then He is no different than any of the wise men or prophets of other religions. Jesus' resurrection is what gives Him the authority to say He is God and that there is no other means to experience eternal salvation except to acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior.
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Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus
There are some who question the validity of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ was not murdered and did not rise from the grave, then He is no different than any of the wise men or prophets of other religions. Jesus' resurrection is what gives Him the authority to say He is God and that there is no other means to experience eternal salvation except to acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior.
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Archaeological/Scientific Evidence
More and more there is archaeological and scientific evidence proving the Bible is true. Some of the books above give information on what scientists are finding that proves the Creation Story, the Flood, Jesus, etc.
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Validity of Scripture
Without using the Bible we have proved through historical documents, logic, and scientific evidence we have proved the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and what the Bible says about Jesus is true. However, the greatest proof is the Bible (Holy Scriptures, Word of God) itself. Many wonder where there is not more historical evidence for Jesus. The Bible is historical evidence.
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Jesus is either Lord, Liar, or Lunatic
Some acknowledge Jesus as a historical figure and say he was a great man, but not God in the flesh. This is not possible.

You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come up with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.
C.S. Lewis, was a professor at Cambridge University
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Helpful Web Sites
Reasons To Believe
Reasons To Believe is an international, interdenominational ministry established to communicate the uniquely factual basis for belief in the Bible as the wholly true Word of God and for personal faith in Jesus Christ. GREAT SITE for Spiritual Seekers or those wanting scientific evidence to prove the truths of the Bible.

Evidence For God From Science
This site provides evidence for God's existence.

Exploring Christianity
Well-informed articles to help readers understand more clearly the truth and relevance of Christian beliefs.

Bible Studies Net
FREE Downloadable Interactive Bible Studies for use by individuals or groups are available.
This organization has resources that are sure to help you in your detailed study of the Bible.

Disclaimer-In His Steps Ministries does not endorse or agree with some of the doctrinal beliefs or teachings of sites that are recommended throughout our website. These sites are only given as additional resources that have some items that we find of value. We acknowledge that as in every other religion or belief system, there are individuals or organizations in Christianity that are 'flakey', 'off base', claim facts that are fiction, etc. Use wisdom and the intelligence that God has given you, even those of you who do not believe there is a God.

Helpful Books
We have listed the following books that may be helpful for someone who is wondering if the Bible is true, has questions about Christianity, or is a new follower of Jesus Christ.

The book listed below is what turned me from an atheist to a Christian:
Evidence That Demands A Verdict, Vol. I by Josh McDowell
Josh McDowell provides scholarly, intelligent, well-grounded answers regarding the validity of the
Bible. These answers are backed by solid evidence that will satisfy anyone who is willing to honestly weight it.

The New Evidence That Demands A  Verdict-by Josh McDowell
The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict maintains and strengthens McDowell's original arguments for the validity of Christianity. Jam-packed with information, this book looks at why the Bible can be trusted, including its historical reliability and accuracy. McDowell explains who Jesus is, and why the New Testament record of his personality and ministry is the best and most authentic source available. He also explains how several worldviews have attempted to discredit Christianity, particularly through the methods of biblical, form, and textual criticism. McDowell also examines several philosophical systems, including skepticism, agnosticism, and mysticism, and offers a cogent defense of the idea and reality of miracles.

More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell-audio
Josh McDowel focuses upon the evidence for Jesus Christ as God and provides rock solid reasons for people who are skeptical about Jesus deity, his resurrection, and his claim on their lives.

More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell-book
In More Than A Carpenter, Mr. McDowell focuses upon the person who changed His life-Jesus Christ. It is a hard-headed book for people who are Skeptical about Jesus deity, His resurrection, and His claims on their lives.

Discover the Historical Evidence that Supports the Gospel by Groothuis
Visit the religion section in nearly any bookstore, and you'll find all sorts of "new" opinions about Jesus' life and identity. In this revealing book, Groothuis exposes the questionable logic and faulty conclusions of those attempting to deny Christ's divinity. Discover the historical evidence that supports the Gospel account and be equipped to defend your faith.

Creation: Facts of Life by Gary Parker
Take a scientific look at DNA, embryo development, fossils, "early man," and other topics critical to the creation/evolution debate in terms that even non-scientists can understand! This biblically based book is written by a professor of biology who "enthusiastically" taught evolution until he attended a Bible study led by a chemistry professor. 215 pages.

Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnson
Is Darwin's theory of evolution really the settled fact experts insist it is? Johnson, a Berkeley law professor specializing in logic, dissects Darwinism's scientific support and finds it woefully short on logic and severely lacking in confirmatory evidence. This rigorous-yet readable- book is a great introduction to the controversy over evolution. 195 pages.

Skeptics Answered  by Dr. James Kennedy
Is the Bible reliable and accurate? Can we prove that God exists? Who was Jesus? How can there be evil if God is good? These are some of the most-asked questions at the heart of this faith-affirming look at Christianity. Clear, factual, and well-reasoned, Kennedy's answers will provide you with solid assurance for every doubt. 240 pages.

Many Infallible Proofs  by Henry M. Morris III
Christianity is the only religion in the world founded on historical evidence, say the Morrises. In this compelling book, they show you "many infallible proofs" that will give you renewed confidence in the authority of God's Word. 381 pages.

When God Doesn't Make Sense  by Dr. Dobson
When we are entangled in life's crisis, it is common to feel great frustration with God. Our inability to figure out what He is doing creates the greatest agitation. The "Why?" question, which even Jesus asked from the cross, is often left unanswered for years or perhaps for a lifetime.

Links below make it easy to order the books from

Chasing God, Serving Man
Whatever Happened to the Power of God
The Five Love Languages
Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Volume 1
The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
More Than a Carpenter
More Than a Carpenter - Audiobook
The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ
Creation Facts of Life Darwin on Trial
Skeptics Answered
Many Infallible Proofs
When God Doesn't Make Sense

Books on Christianity or The Study of Apologetics

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It should be noted that Christianity is a religion based upon relationship, not knowledge. It is a religion of faith not logic. The information provided is to help answer questions, but ultimately you must believe in the Bible by faith. Because of who God is, we will always have questions. In order to have eternal life, we need to believe the words of Jesus that we are sinners and are in need of a Lord and Savior.


If you are not a Christian are you ready to give your life to Jesus and experience victory over sin through His grace?
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We have a Christian Forum/Discussion Board that has a Spiritual Seekers Section. Feel free to use this forum to ask questions and to even share your frustrations regarding Christians.

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