My Thoughts on Life, Lessons, and Living

The following are statements I have heard from others or that I have read in the last few years. If applied in your life you will see some amazing changes in your life.

Meditate on the goodness of God.
Include God in everything you do.
Meditate on God’s word. It takes practice.
Seek God’s attributes.

Worship – intimate, meditative, humble, thankfulness and gratefulness and seeking God.
Praise – adoration (deep love and respect), uplifting, recognizing who God is.

When you are humbled by God you will either curse Him or you will seek Him.

The presence of God changes you. It both humbles you and convicts you.

When you have less, the more you cherish God when you are given even a little.

Your flesh will feed itself.
Your spirit needs to be fed.

The Word of God is spiritual food.

Devote time to seek God.

Corporate prayer stirs up faith.

Confession creates an atmosphere for God to come in.
Confession reminds you that you have a need for God.
Stand in the gap through confession.

Context brings clarity and revelation and can quelch confusion and misinterpretation.
Never assume you have the whole story. Be open to what others may have to share as well.

What you remember is only a fraction of the whole truth.

Pray continuously.
Align yourself with God when you pray.

Some people are healed on the other side of heaven.

Look for Jesus in others.

What can you do for the Kingdom of God?

God is faithful.

Run to God, not away from Him.

Speak the clean unvarnished truth.

God will honor and bless you if you teach the message of Jesus.

God is high and lifted up, our worship just agrees with that fact.

Your temper and your tongue are intertwined.

Don’t just listen with your mind, but also with your heart.

Daily, remember you are a reflection of Jesus Christ.

Our decisions and actions today determine which memories we will have tomorrow, ones we regret or ones we rejoice.

All relationships must have grace.

One of the most needed characteristics of Believers is the ability to listen.

Anger is when you let someone or something else decide how you are going to act.

Rather than getting discouraged, focus on what you can accomplish or control.

Do you give God your precious time?

Give God your all; heart, soul and mind.

God, wherever you lead, I will go.

Powerful prayer is deliberate and decisive when you step out in faith and claim in Jesus’ name.

Guilt should bring conviction or corrections, not condemnation.

Slow down, learn to listen.
God will speak to you but if you are speaking, you won’t hear Him.

It’s not how others see me; it’s how God sees me.

It’s not how you fall; it’s how you get back up that matters.

Lord, help my mind be quiet so I can listen.

When your knees are knocking, kneel and pray.

When Jesus touches your life, you are never the same again.

God allows nations to elect leaders they deserve.

The most severe judgement God can give His people is to allow them to have their own way.

It’s not because of me but rather it’s because of who He is.

Start living like you are saved.

Partial obedience is full blown disobedience.

Praise = Telling God that you love Him.
Obedience = Showing God, you love Him.

At the heart of most foolish decisions is a desire to make ourselves look good.

When you come into contact with God, you have to acknowledge your sinful ways.

Your mission field is where God puts your feet each day.

God is rolling up His sleeves.

Jesus knows, he sees, he hears.

There is great forgiveness at Jesus’ feet.

Are you ready for God to return?

When you take your life into your own hands, you take God’s hands off your life.

Forgiveness is given, trust is earned.

One person can make a difference.

Eternity is decided by a series of choices.

If you follow, God will lead you and wherever He is going is good.

You don’t feel your way into acting, you act your way into feeling.

Find the good in yourself and you will find the good in others.

God doesn’t make junk.

Five years from now you will be the person you are, influenced by the relationships you have and the books you read.

Make decisions based on principles, not what feels good.

Opportunity comes wrapped in obedience.

Don’t tell someone they are wrong, show them what is right.

People may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel.

Ego edges God out.

Input →Thoughts→Words→Actions→Habits→Character→Destiny

Make decisions based off your identity.

Be unoffendable.

Character lies in action not intention.

Joy is a choice.

Your value system is the filter with which you make decisions.

Do what others are not willing to do.

You are a decision away from a totally different life.

Be intentional.

I have to → I want to → I get to.

Mindset over skillset.

Who do you believe you are?

How you spend your time and money will tell you what you truly care about in your life.

It is never too late to be redeemed and restored by Jesus Christ.

To “hear” the Word of God means to understand it and obey it.

Our words reveal what is hidden in our hearts.

God is much more concerned with How we give then What we give.

The more we hear the Word of God, the better we are able to share it with others.

An effective leader is someone who sees potential in problems and is willing to act by faith.

The first step is not to measure our resources, but to determine God’s will and trust Him to meet the need.

Spiritual blessings must be balanced with burdens and battles; otherwise, we may become pampered children instead of mature sons and daughters.

Each new experience of testing demands of us, more faith and courage.

Jesus Christ brings provision and protection.

Obedience to the Lord requires forgiveness of others and yourself.

God doesn’t own 10%, He owns 100%.

Fear and faith cannot live in the same heart.

When God tells you something, are you listening or does it fall on deaf ears and a deaf heart?

When are you going to come down from your tree? Pride, deceit, sin, fear, jealousy, anger…

Do people see Jesus through you? Is your countenance that of a follower of Jesus?

You are a missionary wherever your feet hit the floor.

Where God is silent, we ought to be silent.

 The most exhausting thing in life is being sincere.

If you get sincere with God, He will get sincere with you.

Walk in repentance and you will walk in godliness.

It’s okay to say what hurt you. It’s not okay to blame or be bitter.

Don’t be so isolated you allow shame and guilt to tear you down.

Getting defensive when someone comes to you about a problem that they see in you shows your immaturity and is an indicator that you are controlled by pride.

Men, that second look at a woman, is sin.

When you stay closed off to others, that is when you begin to let Satan get a hold of you.

If you don’t get your wounds healed, you are being controlled by them.

Don’t pray, “How can I get out of this?” Instead pray, “What can I learn from this.”

Love is never passive; it is always active.

Every time God speaks to you, He expects a response.

Close the door on the past and run your race in the present.

Let go and let God

Take your thoughts captive, don’t let your thoughts take you captive.

The Word of God is Life.

In the quiet place of prayer, God comforts, instructs and listens to us. There we learn to love and worship Him.

Sit in God’s presence. Both you and God are blessed by your time together.

The real you comes out when you are alone.

You want to be right with God, not behind or ahead of.

Do good for the sake of doing good.

What’s important is right now.

You want to get rid of the problems in your heart? Love God with all of your heart.

Find one person this week and love them.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Be a man after God’s own heart.

Be faithful no matter what is going on in your life.

Bad company corrupts good morals.

When you start falling out of fellowship with the church, you start falling out of fellowship with Christ.

When the devil sees you’re serious, eventually he will leave you alone.

Be bathed in the Word.

Whatever God has called you to do, He will equip you to do it.

Some people don’t need you to preach a sermon, they need you to live one. – Inky Johnson

What will you do when God says no? – Inky Johnson

Your identity is in Christ not what others think of you!

Recovery is a decision followed by a process.

God has turned my mess into His message.

You have to seek your healing from God.

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