Change-Contributor to Society

My next several posts will be how as a result of my motorcycle crash there has come positive changes in my life. I do not believe these positive changes would have come about in my life if I had not had the accident. I am proof that God can make all things work out, even tragedies, if we will allow Him to work in our life.

I lived my life almost exclusively by emotions prior to my accident. I never thought about consequences or how things I do affect others. I didn’t have much empathy for others. All of that has changed since my accident, fortunately for the better. I’m still bullheaded but now I think about my actions more and life is no longer just about me. I’m trying to live a healthy life and be a contributor to society and not just a taker. 

In spite of my ongoing pain I have the opportunity to be used by God to bless others. Because of my own personal pain I am more alert when others are in pain. I can now have empathy for others.

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