Thoughts from Joshua’s Father
In many ways it is depressing thinking about Joshua’s physical situation. Back in the early summer of 2021 it looked like Joshua was on the road of his life being back to somewhat normal after having a motorcycle crash in August 2020.

It looked like Josh and I would be able to go fishing, boating, some short hikes, work together on house and property projects, etc. But then he had major right hip problems (after two surgeries), ongoing major back pain and rib pain, and ongoing mobility. It is as if he was worse than when we picked him up in March 2021 from Oregon after just having his second hip surgery.

Both of us were hoping to do father son stuff we missed out on for several years. Other than being able to some fishing (by parking right next to where we fish), we have not been able to do any physical activity together.

Good in the Midst of the Bad
In the midst of the bad there is good news. My number one prayer for Joshua for the last several years (before his motorcycle crash we had not spoken for almost five years) was that he would get back into relationship with Jesus Christ. I have seen this happen before my eyes. He is very committed in serving and honoring the Lord. It is great to see him being a vessel of honor for the Lord at the church we attend.

It has also been a blessing to see Joshua growing in character before my eyes. More and more Joshua is learning to live life as a mature adult and not live by emotions and feelings. It is as if the motorcycle crash put him on a crash course on growing emotionally.

One of the other areas of growth I see in Joshua’s life is his willingness to address lifelong issues in his life. He is willing to face the hard stuff. There are many individuals twice his age that to this day refuse to work through their life issues that create problems for them and others.

I know at times it seems to Joshua he gets no relief (break) from all that he is going through physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. But invariably I see the Lord give Joshua the grace to live above his pain and circumstances. I have the privilege to see my son being transformed. I am a blessed father.

At the end of the day, I wish I could rescue my son from all the pain he is going through on a daily basis. But I know that Father God Knows Best and He is using all that is going on in Joshua’s life to make Him a man of God after God’s heart. So, I give thanks in ALL things knowing they will work out since Joshua loves God and is called by Him to be a servant of the Lord.

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