Left Hip Issue

My next procedure was one more epidural then do Radiofrequency Ablation on my back. BUT

Heart Attack?
When I went in for epidural I had heart attack symptoms. After many tests they thought maybe I had a blood clot in my lungs or leg. But they found nothing. No idea what was going on.

BUT My Left Hip
But during this time my left hip has been causing me as much pain as my back.

It has been determined that I have hip dysplasia. The orthopedic surgeon thinks I may have had it all my life but my two years of compensating for my right hip probably exasperated things. It turns out I have very little cartilage in my left hip.

Steroid Shot in Hip
The surgeon decided that before he would do hip replacement surgery he would try two steroid treatments in the left hip. Thus far the first treatment has not given me any relief.

Most likely I will end up having hip replacement surgery in Jan. All this postpones the Radiofrequency Ablation treatment for my back pain.

When will the procedures/treatments/false hope end? Will it ever end?