I Can’t Do It
Sadly, there are things I cannot do two years later from my motorcycle crash unless something changes regarding my physical condition.

It is hard to face the reality that I may never again be able to do the following activities. (Some I may be able to do physically but the pain is so intense it is not worth doing.)

Can’t Do It
Run, jump, or climb. Chop firewood and go camping. Go 4x4ing in my truck. . Do things spontaneously just for fun. Build things with my hands and tools. Do certain repair work on my truck or other vehicles. Move heavy objects from boxes in the garage to tree stumps or rocks outside. Play sports. Go rock climbing or canyoning (wear a wetsuit and go over waterfalls). 

Cannot Even Do
Helping Dad with various house projects, sitting for long periods of time, walking more than a short distance, doing tasks that require much mental alertness.

Very Hard
One of the hardest things for me to face is that my physical rehabilitation may never get to the point of being able to do what I love.

Be Positive
Writing all this down is very depressing. To keep from getting too depressed I remind myself that there are others that are much worse off than me. Plus, I remind myself what I can do. Most importantly I am coming to the faith to believe that God can change my heart desires to line up with what I am able to do.