suffering_in_his_stepsCan There Be a Loving God if Suffering Exists? In his book The Case of Christ Lee Strobel does a great job of addressing the topic of suffering. The following are excerpts from a chapter in this book.

God is All Powerful
God chose to create people with free will.
God did not create evil – he created the possibility of evil.
The source of evil is not God’s power but mankind’s freedom.
Real love – our love of God and of others – involves real choice, free will.

God is All Knowing
If God knows all, then a loving God could deliberately tolerate horrible things, because he foresees that in the long run, that more people will be better and happier than if he miraculously intervened.
God knows bad things can lead to good things.
Some of the greatest Christians in history seem to say that their sufferings ended up bringing them the closest to God.

God is All Good
Moral character gets formed through hardship, through overcoming obstacles, through enduring despite difficulties.
For example, courage would be impossible in a world without pain.

The Megaphone of Pain
Evil people aren’t getting away with anything – – justice delayed is not justice denied.
There will be a day when God will settle accounts and people will be held responsible for the evil they’ve perpetrated and the suffering they’ve caused.

Bearing the pain
All suffering contains at least the opportunity for good…. but not everyone actualizes that potential……

For a more in-depth look at Lee Strobel’s perspective on why there is suffering, go to:

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