true-conversion-5-in-his-stepsTrue Conversions, Part Five, Success
In our last nugget we ended by saying: Success in the Kingdom of God is not measured by numbers. It is measured by faithfulness and obedience. So, let’s faithfully and obediently lead as many people as possible to a true saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is nothing wrong with the desire to want many people led to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. There is nothing wrong for churches to encourage people to witness. There is nothing wrong to find every God honoring method to lead people to Jesus. It is exciting to see a church grow because of new believers added to the church. It is great when family members, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers come to Jesus as their Savior and Lord. But what if they don’t? What if a church or ministry does all it can to reach the lost, but nothing seems to work? Are they not being successful?

As we said last time, when it came to numbers Jesus was not successful during His time on earth. However, in reality, Jesus had complete success. His call from His Father was to share the Good News, die on the cross, be resurrected and to return to Heaven. Would anyone dare to say that Jesus was not successful?

What is the calling of every believer? To witness and disciple those who come to Christ. It is not our call to make salvation happen in people. It is not our call to convert people-that is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit. Our success is not based upon how many people we lead to Jesus. Instead, our success is based upon how faithful we have been to witness to those who the Holy Spirit has brought to our attention. And if each of us is honest, we have not always been successful at being obedient to share Jesus with others. We have been even less successful in discipling those who we have led to Jesus.

One true follower of Jesus Christ who has been discipled represents much more success than 20 individuals who have made a haphazard profession of faith that is not sincere.

In our final nugget we will summarize on the topic of True Conversions

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